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Wellness Exams

The first priority in the veterinary exam is to assess your pet’s overall state of health. We assess daily routine, exercise, and nutrition and address any questions or concerns you may have about your pet’s activities or behavior.


Next, we perform a general physical exam: We listen to the heart and lungs; closely examine the eyes, ears, nose, and mouth; plus gently check over the entire body, including legs, paws, fur, and skin, scales, or feathers. At that time we may perform other routine tests, such as blood work or tests for heartworm or other internal parasites. This is also the ideal time for vaccinations and preventives.


Finally, we assess the ideal nutritional program for your pet, including food, treats, and exercise. At this time, we often discuss any behavioral issues and create a plan to address them with training or lifestyle changes.


An annual visit for most pets may include:


  • Appropriate vaccinations and checks for fleas, ticks, and intestinal parasites, plus heartworm testing and prevention

  • Checking your pet’s heart and lungs, plus an examination of the abdomen, head, and neck areas, including eyes, ears, and mouth

  • Dental cleaning recommendations, nutritional recommendations, and exercise goals


Parasite detection, disease prevention, proper nutrition, and behavioral counseling are all part of our wellness approach to pet care. Bring your questions and concerns to the pet experts at Indian Creek Veterinary Hospital for a positive and rewarding pet experience.

Veterinarian with Dog
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